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Relocation Relocation Relocation

Now I know I've stolen the name of a quite awesome TV program here but unfortunately it is true to the needs of this post, you see I've decided that this blog has become a bit neglected and I've kinda lost track with it to be honest.

At first I wanted to create a beauty blog - then realised I didn't talk about beauty enough, then I wanted it to be a lifestyle blog - and then I realised that I just didn't talk enough at all. I think I was trying too hard and it ended up being more of a chore than a hobby for me and I took this out on my page.

Instead of just trying again on here I have decided to make a clean slate over on Wordpress basically because I have a lot more editing choices using my phone for Wordpress than Blogger offers meaning I can hopefully still do the bits of blogging I enjoy without stressing myself out about what posts look like.

So the new web address is 'A Day In The Life' and being straight with you, it has no purpose, it won't alwa…

Eating Out

Due to recent circumstances at the sisters house - where I stay when I'm working I am having to eat out a lot. This being the fact that she decided to rip her kitchen out because they're having a new one fitted in the next couple of weeks so there is now very little ways of cooking left. 
I have tried to keep away from fast food like McDonald's and such which unfortunately has resulted in either microwave meals, not eating or getting something cooked to work or bakers. 
Today however I really fancied a home cooked or atleast properly cooked meal so have ventured to the local morrisons to get myself a chicken tikka curry with a side of onion rings and a mocha. This might not sound much but I'm currently sat at the table and really can't wait for it to arrive!!
I shall hopefully have it in front of me soon because the meals I've had from here in the past have been really nice so let's just say the standards are high ;)
And I can definately say it li…

Quotivation #7 - Recently Repinned

My blog seems to have been rather unloved lately and my page views had dwindled to a maximum of 5 a day. Now this has never been many more but it was still a bit of a 😞 moment for me... 
So I thought why not reintroduce an old favourite, I think shared between me and you guys; my quotivation page. However this time I have decided to use pins from my Pinterest account and feature those that have been recently Repinned as surely that shows they're good right? 
Here goes then; 

This is something I keep trying to tell myself lately - applying for jobs and the one that I've got the furthest with was the  one that I applied for because I really liked the job regardless of the fact that I didn't think I would even be given a second look! 

I think this is one that everyone can relate to, if things are going well don't dwell on ot but instead embrace it! If you have the chance to do something or have something you've always wanted then embrace it with open arms. This one actual…

Thursday Night is Halloween Bingo Night!

Now traditionally Thursday the 31st October is Halloween and this year is no different - the calendar hasn't changed.
But for me, and at 21 I've still never been trick or treating, it's going to be a much quieter affair. I'm currently on the bus AGAIN I know! On my way to work in a covered up Halloween costume due to it ring fancy dress. I've decided to go low key with a black top and skirt with brown pointy boots with neon pink striped Halloween type tights hiding underneath. Simply painted my nails black last night and all I need to do when I et to work is shove on a wig, hat and cloak and put on a bit of extra makeup - lots of eye liner and red lipstick I'm thinking! 
After work, and some vigourous makeup removal I am hopping back on the bus yo return home to go out with the girls and playing bingo. Fingers crossed I win something as it could come in quite handy now. 👏
I am then intending on returning home and having some food - if we've not had the tradit…

Avon Reps and Christmas Bargains

Winter has most definitely struck at work now, we are down to the loyal locals to keep us open and playing games. One of these however, just happens to be an Avon Rep and occasionally brings in any cheap stock that she's got hanging around. 
The other day was one of these and I managed to pick up a couple of absolute bargains... A bag of assorted makeup for £1 and 2 perfumes for £2 each. Now just wait till you see what I found when I got home and opened it all! 
1. Assorted bag of makeup;  Including; - Color Trend 'Mint Chocolate' eye shadow I cannot find this product on the Avon website anymore though it is available from eBay and Amazon in different shades. I have used some of the other shades and it really does go onto the eye lid really well, easily smudging and creating that lovely 'mint chocolate look'
- Color Trend Kiss 'n' Go Lipstick in 'Sequin' This product is still available from the Avon website but only in different shades in the new li…

Not my week - or two

So hey there to you lovely people (if you're there) as you may or may not know I am on the constant job search and things were starting to look up, with a couple of interviews planned.
Well first off I have not progressed any further unfortunately, despite getting through to the final interview stage for one of the jobs I was unsuccessful so this has taken me back to that 'endless searching' stage. The job search apps are most definitely the most used on my phone at the moment. 
And talking of my phone this is now pretty much my only bit of available technology. In the last week my laptop has officially died, and now has a maximum life time of 7 minutes before freezing and refusing to do anything!
A little while was spent trekking PC world with the fella but rather unproductively (N)  however I still had a phone and wifi so said the search could wait a few days - maybe stretch to a week.
However, lets now rewind to yesterday afternoon, we were sat aimlessly watching TV on the …

Autumn and Bloglovin' Clearout

Spring Cleaning...

Now this never happened to me and instead it seems that I am having an Autumn clear out - and what better time? Changing the wardrobes and shoe closets from summer to winter, refinding the hats, scarves and gloves that have been cleverly filed away.

The other day I came home from a week at work - hopefully this will be changing soon! *fingers crossed* and after having a day out watching a good old game of hockey I made myself some tea - pork roast no less, I'm learning slowly - and decided that my living room needed a change around. Walking back in yesterday it instantly felt so much bigger, more spacious and somehow warmer. I have also now got some curtains in my 'dining room' after living in the flat for 2 years now - shameful I know! I will post some photos on these once I am settled and have my camera and phone running properly.

Also on the plan for the near future is a new bathroom, we have had a bit of an issue with damp so a couple of weekends ago…

Because it's a New Month.....

What's happened to the year already?!?!?! Seems only days ago that we were sunning it out in the summer and now the tides have turned and were looking into the windows of October and the looming winter.
I have to say though, part of me can't wait for getting wrapped up in layers and putting on the hat and scarf - it calls for nights in and cuddles on the sofa right....? So long as the snow doesn't come too soon..
But anyway onto the topic of this post, because it's a new month and a new season at that I've decided to do a few things that I've wanted to do for a while but never got around to.
1. I'm going to learn to knit - today brings the start of this new hobby, it's one of them things that I've always wanted to do but never picked up the needles and got stuck in as it goes. Hopefully there will be some little creations coming up on here soon that I can share with you - that's if it turns out well...

2. I am going to get that job that I've…

Am I Normal?

I've been pondering this question this morning whilst sat on my bus journey back home - 2 hours is a long time sat thinking - and thought I would ask you guys...
Is it normal... To want a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 job? It seems that nowadays the only jobs going - and trust me I've looked at enough - are all either part time or Saturday work is essential. 
Being only 21 some people would rather be out there having all the free time in the World so maybe I'm just maturing a little too soon?
I can't wait to be settled down in my - hopeful - family, working like I say 9 till 5 Monday to Friday, having the weekends off to play my hockey on the Saturday an eventually start driving lessons on the Sunday. - maybe I'm just a dreamer....
Please tell me I'm not alone in this boat and am not pushing for the unachievable? 

The Endless Job Search...

How many of you guys out there are in the same boat as me? Graduated from University full of hope only to find that weeks and months of job searching and applying has still left us in those summer jobs. Now don't get me wrong I don't dislike my job it's just a lot of travelling!

2 hours on the bus and not being able to see the other half much more than once a week is finally starting to grate on me and I was want a job that I can return home (to my own home) to once I've finished. I think everyone will agree that nothing's better than having a nice relaxing bath before a chilled out night in front of the TV.

I don't want this to be a moaning, negative post which you all read the first line and go away - hopefully you'll have made it this far (yn)! so I shall now aim to lighten the mood.

Hockey - not everyone's forte I understand but as one of my past times I am going full out this year trying to get back into it and regain the fitness levels that I use …

Quotivation #6

I have made a return of this page and hopefully it has been worth the very long wait...

1. I first heard this quote a few years ago but it has been one of those that's really stuck with me

2. I think a lot of people will agree with me on this when that special person enters the room..

3. I think with this one I like the picture as much as the quote and they do really fit together, but alas it is true, just because things aren't going your way at the minute doesn't mean that they wont change around..

4. This pretty much sums up the last one again so nothing else is needed to be said

5. Doesn't this just remind you of being a little kid!!

6. This is a bit like numbers 3 and 4 but on a slightly lower perspective, I do like these funny ones..

7. Hehe, I had to include this one as yesterday one of my friends had to get her uniform for school although no matter how many times she typed it on her phone it refused to say anything but unicorn

8. ..... I don't think anything…

Today was a Good... ish Day!

Howdy there folks....

Today has been a not so different but different day with a mixture of emotions, feelings and happenings.

It started off as any other, waking up to catch the 9 o'clock bus into Skegvegas for work, going through a lovely (cough) shift in the buffet at work then all change. It was a mad dash to one of the local restaurant/bar/nightclubs for one of my friends birthdays which turned out to be some really nice food - I apologise for the lack of pictures but I was starving by this point - and the requisite Strawberry and Lime Koppaberg. The biggest bonus of the meal was being able to catch up with a couple of people that I've not spoken to properly in a fair few months despite being pretty close through work, don't think you can beat seeing an old friend and instantly getting on as if you saw each other just the other day.

After this I (again)had to dash back off to work for another buffet shift which par a few burns I struggled through unscathed and carried…

Apologies and a Sneak Peak.....

Hey there again guys...

I know that I have been an extremely bad blogger recently and haven't posted in weeks... it may be months :( but I am going to fix this and get back into your computer screens on a regular basis again :)

Shortly there will be a post explaining all of this including my latest adventures, purchases and just some other little bits and bobs - it may end up being a few posts.....

Anyhow this post is going to be a brief one seen as I have to be back at work in 15 minutes and tbh with you all I haven't planned this at all, but felt I needed to get back to you all, and wanted to pass on this little 'qoutivation' to you all

I shall be back asap so see you all soon! xx

My New Best Friends

Thought I'd go for a slightly different post today with a few insights into my life lately.. including animals, products, and just general shizz

This week I am house and dog sitting for my boss while she's gone away to Greece - who needs to go abroad for sun at the minute hey - but this has resulted in my first 'new best friend.' He goes by the name of Barney and is one of the cutest dogs around - and I'm not normally a dog person, numerous daily walks and lounging about in the Sun look set for me

The other day I met up with an old friend to go swimming in the local outdoor pool and of course forgot to take sun cream with me - I swear it wasn't that warm - and lo and betold after a couple of hours in the pool and then another hour and a half on a deck chair on returning to the changing room we both let out a gasp and simultaneously said each other was going to hurt in the morning. Resembling lobsters was not the word for either of us..

However I have my saviour…