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NOTD - NYC In a Minute Quick Dry Water Street Blue

This really was an impulse buy when I was out buying some dinner with the brother yesterday.
We went on the look out for some crisps and I instead stumbled upon these little bargains, loads of NYC nail polishes for just £1 each.

Unfortunately I was only able to pick up 2 due to the lack of pennies that I had taken out with me. One of these was a bright blue shade called Water Street Blue which is a proper blue summery shade.

I only needed to apply 2 coats to get the finish that I wanted, as shown in the pictures and it's claim to be an In a Minute quick dry nail polish really is true.

Overall I really like this product, the quick drying, small coat finish has really impressed me. I was going to take use of Superdrug's 2 for £3 offer but it now seems that I no longer need to do this. What a treat!

Have you tried out any of the NYC nail polishes? I also have the Big City Dazzle shade so shall be trying this out soon!

Toodlepip! Xox

Those Little Things That Make You Smile

Don't you just think that when you're feeling a little down and upset it really is the little things that make you feel so much better...
Just thought I'd share a few little things with you all :)

1. Awww - I'm sorry but how adorable is this! I'm not normally a massive fan of animal pics but this one did it for me :)

2. Sweets.... absolutely no-one can resist a good old bag of sweets and this one for just 39p may I add! is just amazing, the little farm animals are really cute and super tasty too! I tried not to eat them all in one sitting...

3. Ice cream - what better to eat when it's a warm day at the beach but an ice cream sundae? This one can complete with a fruit cocktail at the bottom, strawberry sauce, multiple sprinkles, wafer and flake all for just £1.50!

I just wanted to leave you all with this little message to consider... Thanks to Ness at OnePerfectDay for the image
Toodlepip! xox

MUA Lip Boom - Cheeky Review & Swatches

This was one of my purchases from my recently displayed MUA Haul and I have to say I do rather love this!

"Lipstick and highlighting gloss that creates fuller curvaceous lips for a dramatic illusion of volume"

This is what MUA have to say about their relatively new Lip Boom glosses created with Alexandra Burke.

I purchased mine when MUA were having their half price sale so it cost me just £1.50, though even £3 for this is a really good price and can be picked up either on-line from the MUA Store or Superdrug. As you can see mine is in the shade 'Cheeky' but there are 7 other shades available in this range:
Bring ItLMKVibeDoing GoodO.M.G.Ok.ComIt's a Situation

First of I undid the lipstick end as I'm really not a lipstick wearer (I actually don't own a single lipstick!) so was intrigued to try this out and maybe change my outlook. However on removing the end I found that my lipstick had in fact split in half :( I'm not quite sure how this happened but t…

Have I ever mentioned....

1. Have I ever mentioned that sometimes I absolutely LOVE my job? - as you may or may not know I work in a bingo hall, now this week yes the hours have been loooong (every single shift practically!) but there are some moments which just really make you sit back and think 'this job is great.' I realised this last night when I was serving behind the bar and a couple of elder gentlemen came up for drinks, regulars from last year but it's the first week they've been back down this year. Now they both remembered me and started chatting as if they'd never gone, one of then stayed around for a couple more minutes chatting about politics and Ukip and how he thinks the younger generations should be getting given more jobs rather than others. He then also told me it as his advice to 'bugger off' to New Zealand as that's where all the jobs are at the minute. It's little things that may not seem relevant or significant to others but that really ring a bell with…

MUA Brush on Concealer Pen Review

I think I'm going to settle my decision that these concealer pens aren't for me - from any brand.

Normally no I get on too well with them and prefer either the more liquid concealers or the concealer sticks, but when I saw this one on sale on the MUA website for just £1 I thought I would give it a go. I brought mine in the lightest shade that they do 'Radiance'

Although this is the right shade for me this I probably the only thing I'm keen on about this product and even then if you don't rub it in quick enough it can tend to leave an orange darker area on your face.

I personally like the idea of the brush, it's very soft and does allow you to get a small amount of product at a time, meaning less wastage which is a plus and means it'll last longer. However the first time you use it you really do need to twist the end an awful lot of times! I was beginning to think I had an empty tube at one point. I also find it quite hard to blend the product in with …

Fruit Loops & Koppaberg & Sun While You're Working

This title here basically sums up my day (and a bit of last night) so far!

Now yes technically the Koppaberg was last night buuut I now have a new favourite flavour! Originally I was a Mixed Fruit fan but when in Weatherspoons I always get the Summer Fruits as this is just lush and the only place you can buy it ;( However after work last night we decided to go for a quick drink and I ordered the Summer Fruits Koppaberg but when given to me it was the Strawberry & Lime version. Normally I would have said something but on this occasion thought 'meh' I'll give it a try. Safe to say I have a new favourite flavour! It really was just so refreshing and fruity and just yum!

Anyway this morning I woke up, went downstairs and looked in the cupboard to find nothing other than Fruit Loops :D ah the day was off to a good start, I mean who doesn't like fruit loops, and who cares that I'm 21 ;)

My last point - I've noticed this is a bit of a rambling post - is a simple q…

Collective Haul; Poundland, MUA, Home Bargains and Others

Over the past couple of days I've had a few impromptu and unexpected days off which I have, as any normal person would - I'm saying - spent doing a fair bit of shopping. Now the other day I was in the sunny - ish - seaside town of Skegness for work so went round Home Bargains and Poundland to try and pick up a few little bargains.

The first things I looked at when I got into Poundland was their nail varnishes, managing to pick up 2 Sally Hanson varnishes, an orange shade from the 'Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear' range and then a rather hot pink from the 'Diamond Strength' range. I am yet to try these as of yet but have seen plenty of rave reviews so couldn't resist picking them up for £1 each!

I then had to get another couple of shades from the Collection 2000 Hot Looks range - currently these are on sale in packs of three for £1. I picked up the very green 'Ninja' and a glittery black shade called 'All That Jazz' - I do love the names that the s…

Montagne Jeunesse Green Tea Peel Off

Today's review is carrying on with the Montagne Jeunesse theme, and I have decided to move into the 'peel off' masks with their Green Tea Peel Off mask.

Their Green Tea Peel Off claims to be for 'detox and pore cleansing' working to re-energise your skin with natural, uplifting green tea, healing squeezes root ginger & reviving properties of squeezed lemon, to reveal a deep cleaned, toned & radiant complexion. Detox with this treat weekly. 

When pouring this product out of the packet the texture is massively different to a lot of other Montagne Jeunesse masks. It has a really thin, runny consistency and is actually quite sticky to the touch. This did make it slightly harder to apply personally as I kept dropping little bits on the floor. It also shows up as more of a clear product on your skin so you have to be consistent in how much you put on each part of your face.

There was very little to the smell of this product, unlike with the Montag…

Argh Work Stresses!

I woke up this morning at 7:49 with a text telling me not to bother going into work this morning as the bosses were complaining about money and the fact that they couldn't afford to pay me to work. I am due to start at 11 so fair enough that gave me 3 and a bit hours notice. The annoying thing about this however was that my boss hasn't even let me know but instead text a friend asking her to let me know! Right rant over....

This picture made me smile so I just had to put it in! Instead of mellowing on this I am going to make the use of what promises to be a nice sunny day, I mean I may even venture down to the beach for a while if the desire hits me.
But for now the plan is to have a lazy morning until the shops open, get dressed in my new Miss Selfridge jeans (the comfiest things EVER) and take a stroll down town, I may even go and buy myself a cooked breakfast! The best way to spend an impromptu day off is to go out and spend the money I would have been earning surely??

Soap and Glory Hand Food vs Possibility Raspberry Pavlova

I do realise it has been a whole since I have wrote a 'beauty' related post but seen as I don't proclaim to be just a beauty blogger I hope I can get away with putting the occasional one in amongst food and lifestyles posts :) I apologise for the lack of links, and the arrangement, this has been done on my iPhone and will be edited as soon as I get my laptop back :') hopefully not too long!

Anyway onto this subject, since walking into the blogging atmosphere I decided to finally indulge in the Soap and Glory product line rather than just admiring from a distance. Hand Food was one of my latest products, brought of eBay for a measly few pound (can't remember exact figure) but instantly fell in love. 'Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil and Marshmallow' who can resist that for a start and I loved the smell. You only need a tiny amount to fully moisten your hands and since using this I have not experienced the 'dry hand sensation' which use to be quite a commo…

It's been a very busy week, the highs and the lows!

Hello again guys, I apologise now for the lack of posts lately but alas it has been an extremely busy few days...

Every day since Wednesday until yesterday I have been awake and leaving the house before 6:30 am. AM! And not returning till gone half 11, you can imagine the tiredness...

The reasons behind this are not just work, although yes I was working every day mentioned. However I was also at a Christian festival called Spring Harvest, which was actually a lot of fun and taught me a few things. The plus side of this however was that I got to eat a massive continental breakfast everyday just like the one below ;) and for free... Yummy!! As well as finding this little 'Giant's Beach' with massive replicas of beach items (I do love Butlins in the sun)

After all of this I needed a day of recovery so yesterday I had a lay in! Mind you I did wake up at 7 o'clock before falling back to sleep for a couple of hours. I then took a few hours to shower and generally wake mysel…