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Quotivation #2

Just a few little images to hopefully keep you all smiling... :)
Don't worry about things not going to 'plan', treat every day as a new one and keep looking forward
I'm sorry but this is just adorable is it not!?!
Never forgotten :'(
Less moaning more smiling comes to mind here...
I really need to pay attention to this one myself, massive drawback!
This is rather cute but also carries a nice little message 

OOTD - sunny bank holiday Sunday

OOTD - sunny bank holiday Sunday by bugsbunny-234 featuring toms
Plein Sud bandeau top

Cotton shorts

TOMS canvas shoes
$53 -


Casual Skater Dress

Casual Skater Dress by bugsbunny-234 featuring a black jacket
Skater dress

Black jacket
$38 -

Black boots
$38 -

NOTD:- MUA Lush Lilac and Permanent Marker

Today's quick and easy nail design is one that comes at a bargain price of just £1 and a few pennies. Actually less than that if you account for the offers!
I have a quite rapidly growing collection of the new MUA nail polishes and the other day i couldn't resist this shade as part of a 3 for 2 haul. 
Today I decided to redesign my nails and used MUA Lush Lilac as my base and background, it only required 2 coats to achieve the look seen in pictures an also dried within a matter of minutes. Both major plus points for me when selecting brands and colours etc... 
To create the spots I simply picked up a packet of permanent markers from Poundland (8 different colours) and drew on these little spots. I chose the blue as it is totally different but still seems to match the lilac quite well.
Toodlepip! Xxx

Offer Alert! MUA @ Superdrug

Hey guys just a quick little one today!

On quickly perusing the Internet I have just seen that MUA have an offer on at the minute with all of their products on 3 for 2 both online and at Superdrug....

Its on until the 4th June but as with all their products I'm sure stocks will soon run down so pop on down to your local Superdrug or go treat yourself with a spot of online shopping, I know I definitely will be!

Toodlepip! xxx

QOTD #Quotivation1

Yes I have just made this word up and I quite like it :)
Today I thought I'd just put up a few little images to inspire and motivate you, not much needs to be said about them but here you go...

1. Be You Tiful, this reminds me of the whole reason behind most of us out there knowing how to spell beautiful... 'B E A U Tiful...' Oh I do love that film :') But on the more serious note... Be yourself! And love yourself for it!!!

2. I don't go to church every week but I do believe in the Big Man, and if I'm at my mums then I'll go along with the rest of the family and I do go on 'special occasions' but this kind of links to the above quote, just believe and let what happens happen, have faith in yourself and have faith in the man upstairs, everything will be ok! 

3. This did put a little smile on my face :) but it's basically along the same theme, don't give up and keep searching for new inspirations and ideas 

Q4. Yes life is difficult and we wi…

Day out in London, Olympic Village and More

First of I would like to apologise to the few of you out there who read my blog due to the sever lack of posts as of lately... There are reasons behind this, obviously as always work has been a BIG  one with not giving me much free time, the other being that the free time I have had has been spent doing Dissertation work (you students out there will know the stresses!) and not a lot else.

Yesterday as usual was my day at university and today held the event of a trip to London to see the Olympic Village as it is now and... well a day out really. 

After leaving uni grounds a 6:30 am!!! We endured the three and a half hour journey to the Capital and after actually not a lot of traffic we made it in one piece (I was put in charge on the coach due to the lack in a tutor being present so this is quite a good fact for me!) and of course the essential coffee at the services. 

A lot of walking around the village meant seeing quite a few sites and different picture opportunities (as dotted acr…

Sport, Sun, Cider and Nose Jobs

Ok so maybe this title is just slightly out of line... I mean I've not quite had a nose job today! Though there was definitely a lot of sport, a lot of sun, a lot of cider and well we'll get onto the nose bit.

My day today started off with a lay-in, though I'm really quite unaware of what these are so it really was a massive treat for me, well overdue! and waking up to the sun coming through the window was just an even better surprise.

Into the shower I went, using my Soap & Glory body wash and body butter just to make my skin feel extra smooth.. followed by drying my hair Au Natural outside whilst hanging out the washing (which I should really go fetch in) and then decided to get myself some breakfast.

So after a couple of pop tarts had found their way into my belly I made my way back outside to sit down and do some more reading for my dissertation. (This is the reason behind my lack of posts lately) and decided that yes it really was a lovely, sunny day.

The shorts a…