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Relocation Relocation Relocation

Now I know I've stolen the name of a quite awesome TV program here but unfortunately it is true to the needs of this post, you see I've decided that this blog has become a bit neglected and I've kinda lost track with it to be honest.

At first I wanted to create a beauty blog - then realised I didn't talk about beauty enough, then I wanted it to be a lifestyle blog - and then I realised that I just didn't talk enough at all. I think I was trying too hard and it ended up being more of a chore than a hobby for me and I took this out on my page.

Instead of just trying again on here I have decided to make a clean slate over on Wordpress basically because I have a lot more editing choices using my phone for Wordpress than Blogger offers meaning I can hopefully still do the bits of blogging I enjoy without stressing myself out about what posts look like.

So the new web address is 'A Day In The Life' and being straight with you, it has no purpose, it won't alwa…

Eating Out

Due to recent circumstances at the sisters house - where I stay when I'm working I am having to eat out a lot. This being the fact that she decided to rip her kitchen out because they're having a new one fitted in the next couple of weeks so there is now very little ways of cooking left. 
I have tried to keep away from fast food like McDonald's and such which unfortunately has resulted in either microwave meals, not eating or getting something cooked to work or bakers. 
Today however I really fancied a home cooked or atleast properly cooked meal so have ventured to the local morrisons to get myself a chicken tikka curry with a side of onion rings and a mocha. This might not sound much but I'm currently sat at the table and really can't wait for it to arrive!!
I shall hopefully have it in front of me soon because the meals I've had from here in the past have been really nice so let's just say the standards are high ;)
And I can definately say it li…

Quotivation #7 - Recently Repinned

My blog seems to have been rather unloved lately and my page views had dwindled to a maximum of 5 a day. Now this has never been many more but it was still a bit of a 😞 moment for me... 
So I thought why not reintroduce an old favourite, I think shared between me and you guys; my quotivation page. However this time I have decided to use pins from my Pinterest account and feature those that have been recently Repinned as surely that shows they're good right? 
Here goes then; 

This is something I keep trying to tell myself lately - applying for jobs and the one that I've got the furthest with was the  one that I applied for because I really liked the job regardless of the fact that I didn't think I would even be given a second look! 

I think this is one that everyone can relate to, if things are going well don't dwell on ot but instead embrace it! If you have the chance to do something or have something you've always wanted then embrace it with open arms. This one actual…