Quotivation #7 - Recently Repinned

My blog seems to have been rather unloved lately and my page views had dwindled to a maximum of 5 a day. Now this has never been many more but it was still a bit of a 😞 moment for me... 

So I thought why not reintroduce an old favourite, I think shared between me and you guys; my quotivation page. However this time I have decided to use pins from my Pinterest account and feature those that have been recently Repinned as surely that shows they're good right? 

Here goes then; 

This is something I keep trying to tell myself lately - applying for jobs and the one that I've got the furthest with was the  one that I applied for because I really liked the job regardless of the fact that I didn't think I would even be given a second look! 

I think this is one that everyone can relate to, if things are going well don't dwell on ot but instead embrace it! If you have the chance to do something or have something you've always wanted then embrace it with open arms.
This one actually closely links to the previous, just because other people don't agree with you or do things in the same way it doesn't mean your doing it wrong. If you want to do something then do it, whether it makes you look a fool or your simply standing up for you beliefs. 

I needed to see this getting repinned - and by quite a few people, because even though it's taking me a lot of time to get a new job I need to keep trying and not give up as I keep getting knocked down. At the end of the day what's an hour or two spent researching and applying for jobs if something turns up in the end? 

Again this relates to the previous one, basically just keep trying and don't give up!

Hopefully I'll have a couple of people read this (YN) and let me know if you enjoy it and if there's any themes that you want covering and I'll try my best :) 

Toodle pip xox

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