Sweet Treats For You

Hey there guys, long time no type I know but I am now back, albeit for a different type of blog...

As a family we have decided to set up a little sweet business going round weddings, school fĂȘtes and parties setting up a little sweet bar, as well as also selling small gifts such as sweet trees and themed items. This is basically a bit of a feeder to get our name out there and see if people think this is a good idea and ultimately if you would be willing to pay for such things. 

So far we have catered for a couple of different occasions and made a few prototypes;

This was the first ever sweet bar we did - every guest gets as many sweets as they want to fill their own cups, at least 20 different varieties.

This is our Father's Day mug complete with full size chocolate bars, a 'No 1 Dad' medallion and a selection of Heroes - contents can be suited to individual wants.

This is our large sweet tree - uses over 8 full bags (200 Eclairs) with matching ribbon, again different sweets can be used - hopefully can share more with you soon!

We are also hoping to set up a local market stall to try and get our name out there 'Sweet Treats For You' so any publicising you can do will help loads. We are based in Lincolnshire in UK but may look to branching out in the future if the opportunity arises.

For now though you can visit our Facebook or Pinterest page for more information and a few more pictures! 

Don't be afraid to share your opinions with me!!!

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