I'm a brilliant gardener.... NOT

Hey guys,

So with the nicer weather I have decided to try and make my garden - loosely said, into a much nicer place to relax in.

To start with it has no grass 😢 it is basically just a plot of concrete with a beautiful (sarcasm) metal fence around it. But alas in the summer it gets plenty of sun all day long so countless hours have been spent chilling with a book and a nice cold drink.

Here are some pictures of what I was starting with....

As you can see, the sun catches it all but it's not exactly the nicest view...

First port of call was shopping last week when I picked up some plants and seeds for £1 each (bargain at home bargains) and some little planting pots and troughs.

Second call was a nice sunny day outside to get these planted and looking nice. A few hours later and this little part of my garden was looking so much better, and do you know what... I felt rather impressed with myself.

A nice start I think... 2 yellow roses (one each side of the troughs) both £1 each. Strawberries in the left trough £1 from poundland and potatoes and lettuce in the right trough - potatoes 50p from home bargains and lettuce £1 from poundland.

Today saw another day off and some more little bargains bought, including a stone monkey, some windmills and some more flowers but these will be getting planted and positioned tomorrow (if I am able to get my hands on some soil) and I will update you then!

But for now, I have surveys to fill in and a house to tidy 🙈

Toodle pip!!

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